Jimmy Edgar's readies "Shine" EP

‘Shine’ EP set for September 18th release on Ultramajic imprint

For more than a decade, Jimmy Edgar has experimented in sound structure and design, utilising an array of digital and analog hardware to release delphic signings on Warp, !K7 and Hotflush. After launching his enigmatic label Ultramajic in 2013, the Detroit born space cadet delves into mystic philosophy with his latest metaphysical embodiment.

Following on from Lando’s July release, the forthcoming EP ‘Shine’ sees a continuation in pulsating chunky house chords with an industrialised varnish. The gargantuan brawn and weight of ‘Let me tell you’ and closing digital exclusive ‘Tik Tok’ ensure crowd-pleasing thump. This theme then slightly diverts, with the synthetic minimalism of ‘The Dip Chair’ and ‘Two of Wands’. However, Edgar harks back to earlier influences in his career with ‘Feel what it is’, embodying Detroit house seen through R&B elements, reflective of his hometown influences.

Format: Digital & Vinyl

1. Let Me Tell U
2. The Dip Chair
3. Two of Wands
4. Feel What It Is
5. Tik Tok [Digital Exclusive]


Jimmy Edgar

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