Erosion Flow mixes Truancy Vol. 131

“Our latest Truancy Volume comes from producer and DJ, Henrik Koefod (aka Erosion Flow), an emerging talent out of Copenhagen. Erosion Flow first grabbed our attention in 2014 with his electric debut EP on George Fitzgerald’s ManMakeMusic label. Garnering quick support, tracks like ‘Bedroom Jam’ saw airtime on Ben UFO’s Rinse FM show and George Fitzgerald’s BBC Radio 1 Residency. This month, Erosion Flow released the energetic and percussion ­laden Spectrums Vol. 1, first of a two ­part EP on Martyn’s 3024 label. Inspired by the ‘sound of colour’, each track ‘represents specific sonic and colourful spectrums.’ Featuring slithering synths and murmuring samples, the EP subtly blend elements of house and techno, shaping them into something unfamiliar. Close listeners may have heard the B­ side ‘Emeralds’ in Amy Becker’s recent FACT Mix, where its inclusion highlights his productions’ range as well as applicability to the dance floor. The tracks are no doubt influenced by his diverse Copenhagen club night, Rare Nights, which books artists from various ends of the spectrum. It should then come as no surprise that his Truancy Volume is a high ­energy affair that incorporates a multitude of genres. Featuring remixes from DJ Fett Burger, Blondes and Kowton, and unreleased material from Central and Jeppe Willumsen, the mix shows Erosion Flow’s breadth of influence and strength as a young selector. Truants asked Koefod a few questions about his musical influences, production process and the status of the Copenhagen club scene, and are excited to share his thoughts along with this mix.”

Read the interview & listen / download the mix on Truants.

Pelifics – Capitello (DJ Fett Birgers Mosseporten Ghetto Mix) [Full Pupp]
Central – Mercy [Unreleased]
Scott Grooves – Nitty Gritty [Natural Midi US]
Henning Baer – 14VAC [K209]
Steve Simpson – Chicagocid [1ØPILLSMATE]
DJ Assassin – Beats For Ya Feat [Cross Section Records]
Jeppe W. – Untitled01 [Unreleased]
Max McFerren – Hunting (Blondes Remix) [Allergy Season]
Roberto – Tiziani [Fossil Archive]
Erosion Flow – Emeralds [3024]
J. Tijn – HEHF [WNCL]
Lo Shea – Root Causes (Kowton Remix) [Transit]
Answer code request – Calm Down [MDR]
Lee Gamble – Steelhouse [PAN]
Jackmaster Hater – Drum Track [Warehouse Box Tracks Records]
Fear Tha World – Houz Mon [Anotherday Records]
Basic Channel – Radiance II [Basic Channel]
Tim Hecker – Rainbow Blood [Kranky]

‘Spectrums Vol. 1’ is out now on 3024.

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