Stream Avalon Emerson's remix of Octo Octa's 'Adrift'

“When Octo Octa sent us the demos for her first full-length record since 2013, we were floored by how many tracks were single worthy. But, there was one that stood out as something entirely on its own, a song that in many ways sounded like nothing Maya had ever released. Since the beginning, we always knew we wanted to do something special with “Adrift,” the 8+ minute space-age synth-dub techno tune. When we asked Maya about doing a 12” with remixes we were blindsided to learn she has NEVER had any of her music remixed before. With some remixers in mind, she asked two of her favorites and they said yes. So, here we are to present HNY-016 Octo Octa - Adrift, remixed by Avalon Emerson and Dorisburg.”

Octo Octa - Adrift (Incl. Dorisburg &Avalon Emerson remixes)
Honey Soundsystem

Release date: August 25th 2017

Track List:
A. Adrift
B. Adrift (Dorisburg Remix)
B2. Adrift (Avalon Emerson Remix)

Stream Octo Octa - Adrift (Avalon Emerson’s Furiously Awake Version) here


Honey Soundsystem

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