Afriqua announces debut album 'Colored' on R&S Records

Afriqua will release his debut album, Colored, on R&S this October.

Colored is “a celebration of the unifying power of Black culture through the prism of electronic music,” incorporating elements of house and techno as well as experimental and abstract electronica. Adam Longman Parker was inspired by the work of artists like Quincy Jones, Roy Ayers and Weldon Irvine, who is also from Parker’s hometown of Hampton, Virginia.

Growing up in Virginia, Parker was exposed to local electronic music pioneers including The Neptunes, Timbaland and Missy Elliot. “The Virginia sound” is intrinsic to Parker’s process: “Black electronic music doesn’t have to be from the Midwest,” he said in a press release. “This isn’t from Detroit, this isn’t from Chicago. It’s from Virginia. The overarching theme [of the album] was reconciling this branch of the Black musical tree with its origins. It’s not divisive, it’s about celebrating the rightful origins of the music we all enjoy.”

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