Belgian festival HORST announce first names for 2017 Music and Art Programme

8-9 September 2017 Holsbeek, Horstraat 28, Belgium

HORST is a two-day celebration of art and music in a setting like no other. The festival collaborates with an array of talented artists and offers a well-selected worldwide collage of electronic music and in situ visual arts.

Nestled away in the green Hageland hills you’ll find Horst, a 15th century moated castle. An inspiring space for site-specific art and the perfect festive backdrop.

In search for new, undiscovered subspaces, this fourth edition will explore the creation of temporary places, highlighting existing elements and creating a variety of new and exciting spheres on the castle grounds. Besides its stone keep, music towers over the water and green woodlands. HORST offers a genre-spanning repertoire, a line-up covering versatile ground, a program embodying as much enthusiasm as wealth, flair and talent.

Location Horst is a beautiful moated castle hidden in the green valley of the Hageland hills. The castle, with its stone keep, dates back to the 15th century. Throughout those past centuries the castle has been a constant backdrop for festivities and aristocratic events. HORST translates that historical heritage into a contemporary approach. The location is the gratifying and ambitious inspiration source for the festival. Both the musical and artistic part seek a respectful symbiosis with the castle and its water and woods.

Expo A yearly exhibition of in-situ visual art in the public space surrounding the Horst castle. The objective is to produce profound and bespoke art that establishes a dialogue with its context: the historic framework of the castle, its green rural setting and the presence of the festival itself. Named SPACES & PLACES, this edition focuses on creating various shared spaces on the castle grounds. Expect a series of temporary and permanent interventions that highlight existing elements and reframe the current castle’s surroundings.

2017 Programme - First names

Friday Nosedrip (BE) Jayda G (CA), Funkineven (UK) b2b Jay Daniel (US), WWWater - live (BE), Tako (NL), Red Greg (UK), Gilles Peterson (UK), Lefto (BE)

Saturday DC Salas (BE), Kornel Kovacs (SE), Young Marco (NL), Mehmet Aslan (CH), K15 (UK) Motor City Drum Ensemble

Arts Assemble (London), architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu, Batia Suter

The art section of the festival, curated by Gijs Van Vaerenbergh since 2014, is elaborated as a collection of in-situ artworks.

Full line up TBC

Assemble (
Architecten de vylder vinck taillieu (

- Horst

8-9 September 2017

Holsbeek, Horstraat 28

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