Morocco's Moga Festival announces its first edition

The first MOGA Festival - the African festival for electronic music and electronic culture - will take place from Friday 14th October to Sunday 16th October in Essaouira, the UNESCO World Heritage listed city on the Moroccan coast (also one of the sets from Game of Thrones).

During the three-day event, festivalgoers will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique, timeless experience in Essaouira, the former “Mogador.” In the daytime, they will be able to divide their time between the Medina and the beach. MOGA will offer a wide range of events, including musical brunches, educational workshops, beach parties and digital video installations.

Finally, the night will give way to the sounds of the most prestigious international and Moroccan labels, at parties discreetly tucked away in guest-houses in a forest of Argan trees overlooking the coast.

Through its eclectic program and inclusive approach, MOGA aims to create linkages between different musical scenes, cultures and generations. MOGA is a platform that fosters constructive exchange between those involved in the African electronic music scene and their counterparts from around the world.

The legendary town of Essaouira – Morocco’s cultural gem – amazes travellers and is an inspiration for artists. It is already renowned for its beauty and magic outside Morocco’s borders, thanks to the wide variety of festivals on the “souiri” calendar. MOGA is building on this heritage and creating a link between traditional and modern culture.

Check out the festival trailer here.

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