The Bunker NY announce new Abby Echiverri EP 'Ab Initio'

From the very first track, it’s clear that Abby @Echiverri’s debut, the “Ab Initio” EP is something different and rare: a polished and fresh interpretation of electronic music that incorporates classic electro squelches with intricate broken beats and expansive synthesizer zone-outs. Although this is her first EP, Abby has extensive history as a musician, sound engineer, DJ and VJ. Her current trajectory started early in childhood when she was classically trained in violin, flute, piano and vocals, cementing music as a part of her daily life. In high school she picked up turntables and began collecting records, eventually moving to NYC to study recording engineering and perform in post-punk bands, and became a regular at Wierd and The Bunker at a very young age. Since then, Echiverri has devoted her professional hours to engineering, maintaining, and manufacturing audio equipment for studios and clubs around the world.

This record’s name “Ab Initio” means “from the beginning” or “from first principles”, invoking a propulsive leap into the future and also perhaps including an element of the eponymous. When we asked her to tell us more about the process of creating these hardware-based jams, Abby explained: “It all stems from my own experiences on the dancefloor and wanting to recreate that for other people. I want to make music that rewires the brain: music that is challenging, yet groovy… repetitive, yet evolving. An aural psychedelic. It’s a lofty goal - I’m still working on it.” If Ab Initio is one of her first steps towards that goal then we can’t wait to see what happens next.


Abby Echiverri - Ab Initio EP

Release Date: 22 June 2018

Format: 12” & Digital

Track List:
A1. Nadezhda
A2. Nyctinasty
B1. Ionosfeer
B2. Inquilinism

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