Actress talks artificial intelligence, op art, and Kraftwerk with It's Nice That

The concept of artistic and creative ownership in an age of endless and unlimited co-authoring is central to Darren Cunningham’s most recent release, the eponymous mini-album Young Paint, which sees him investigate the potential of AI. Feeding his work into a computer system, which begins to understand things that he might do and then does them, is a generative process that sees the musician fusing himself with technology.

“Young Paint is something that really has gone through a number of forms. Essentially it is still me, but I’ve been making music for a relatively long period of time and used different methods, learned different things,” Darren says. “I have a system, and the idea is to create a software out of that system which is able to input different formulas. It’s like an X-ray that learns how I perform, what sort of lines I’m likely to go toward. This is what I’ve been leaning toward; manifesting this other being in the studio that’s constantly learning.”

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