Alice Glass shares video for latest single NIGHTMARES

Created by visual artists Lucas David and 06 08, Alice Glass shares music video for Jupiter Keyes-produced single ‘NIGHTMARES’. The track is taken from the recent release of Sermon 4 Anniversary compilation, on experimental New York-based label Sermon 3 Recordings.

The underground media hub, founded by established producer and engineer The 83rd, brought together a power circle of artists to celebrate turning 4. The release captures a moment in time, a moment where there’s a flurry of exciting new artists and innovations happening in the underground. This is an electronic punk scene where club culture is redefined and mosh pits are all the way opened.

Alongside Alice Glass the compilation features new and exclusive tracks from DJ Deeo, Via App, NEUTER//MR.TRU3L0V3, Odete, Scraatch, DÆMON, Meth Math, and The 83rd himself.

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