Interdimensional Transmissions announce Alpha 606 album + No Way Back lineup Detroit

Interdimensional Transmissions set to release the lost album from Alpha 606 entitled “Afro-Cuban Electronics”, hot on the heels of the Alpha 606 RMXD ep, which featured outstanding remixes from Anthony “Shake” Shakir, BMG, and Erika.

This is Miami post bass from a Cuban perspective. What is it to be an exile of the country you love? The largely Cuban city Hialeah, part of the sprawling Miami metropolis, is home to not only Alpha 606’s exiled family, but also to Miami Bass.

Alpha 606 is Hialeah born, Miami dwelling Armando Martinez, who offers an intoxicating concoction in the form of his unique take on this music. This album is a love letter to Cuba and his family and their struggles, from the vivid anthem “Defection” which claims “Defection was our only choice, it all happened when you first oppressed our voice”, to the reflective beauty of “Boatlift”. From powerful to subtle and gentle, the rhythms and visions of Cuba invoked through the incredible hand drumming are all alive within this music. The vinyl edition includes a live version of “Shake” from an Interdimensional Transmissions party in Detroit thrown every Halloween called Samhain. The digital version includes the bonus cut “No Me Quieras Tanto (Cafta Version)”, a tribute to a Perez Prado song from 1947, the artist known as the King of the Mambo.

Afro-Cuban Electronics Tracklist
01 Afriba
02 Armambo
03 Shake
04 808 Trax
05 Gauges
06 Whale Memory
07 Guajiro (Alternate Jam)
08 Engineered Flotation Device
09 Defection
10 Dahomey
11 Black Mermaid
12 Endangered Cuban Crocodile
13 Boatlift

Bonus Vinyl Cut:
Shake (Live at IT’s Samhain, Detroit)

Digital Bonus Cut:
No Me Quieras Tanto (Cafta Version)

Interdimensional Transmissions and The Bunker present No Way Back @ Tangent Gallery Detroit - May 29th 2016

Celebrating 21 Years of Interdimensional Transmissions (the label is finally old enough to drink), we will have a showcase that represents all the facets of what we are who we are now, from our techno sublabel Eye Teeth with artist Israel Vines, to an all new all hardware all analog live show from the recently reconvened Ectomorph (with far too much of BMG’s modulars and Erika’s Moogs), to the key players of IT’s No Way Back party series - Carlos Souffront, Patrick Russell, Derek Plaslaiko and Mike Servito, as well as a midwestern DJ hero that we have an upcoming collaboration with and so effortlessly represents a major touchstone of what was so special about Detroit in the halcyon days of rave - Claude Young, not to mention some special sets from our edit stars, Gay Marvine from Bath House Etiquette and Scott Zacharias from The Fantasy and Secret Mixes Fixes. So many diverse styles and so much truth from so many substantive contributors to IT’s vision, we can see no better way to celebrate our 21st birthday than with Paxahau and a specially decorated stage and tent at Movement in Detroit for 2016.

Carlos Souffront
Patrick Russell
Mike Servito
Derek Plaslaiko
Bryan Kasenic
Scott Zacharias
John Elliott
Nihal Ramchandani
+ super secret live show

Tickets here

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