Stream Alpha 606's new album over at Thump

With commercial flights between Cuba and the United States now officially taking off, the lines between the musical cultures of these two neighboring lands are getting blurred like never before. While festivals like MANANA and the genre-blending work of Cuban producers like DJ Jigüe are harnessing recent changes to promote a new of cultural sharing between the two oft-troubled nations, a producer by the name of Alpha 606 has been toying with a similar aesthetic in his music—in his case, blending percussive electro and traditional Cuban sounds.

Real name Armando Martinez, the Miami-based producer of Cuban descent, just dropped an album entitled Afro-Cuban Electronics on famed Detroit techno label Interdimensional Transmissions, billing the album as a “love letter to Cuba and his family and their struggles.” According to the label the 12-track album has been years in the making, and follows their release of RMXD, which included new versions of Alpha 606 tracks from IT label heads BMG, Erika, as well as Detroit artist Anthony “Shake” Shakir.

Stream the full album over at Thump.

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