A Made Up Sound concludes label with LP compilation + final 12"

A Made Up Sound is Dave Huismans’ longest running project, with its initial inspiration dating back to the house and techno he grew up with in the 90’s in his native Holland as a raver, record collector and aspiring DJ. He started producing music in 2003 and has since released his leftfield take on techno on Delsin, Clone and The Trilogy Tapes among others. In 2009 he set up his own label, home to some of his most compelling work. It runs across ten 12” singles: 001 till 009 (due in November) and special edition 00X.

“Initially I started it as an outlet to freely release whatever, whenever, but as I went along, the label kind of became a purpose in itself, something I enjoyed building over time. A body of work with a beginning and an end, if you will. It was meant to be a finite thing early on, I think this has encouraged me to try and push its sound as far as I could. If you know you only have so many records left to make, you’re extra keen to make each of them count.”

The music on offer displays an off-kilter, sometimes wildly idiosyncratic approach to rhythm and composition, re-imagining techno through low-end driven broken rhythms and soundsystem aesthetics, inadvertently pioneering a sound that has influenced many. There has always been a lot more to A Made Up Sound than innovation and shock value alone though, with the more understated tracks revealing their charms with repeated listening.

“Even though this compilation only represents what I’ve released on my own label and as such is a specific subsection of my work, I hope it will present a bigger picture of what I’ve been aiming for through the years. The upcoming final 12” in particular feels like a significant piece of the puzzle to me, I’ve been wanting to make that one for a long time and it’s like coming full circle in a way. I’ve now done what I wanted to do with the label and it’s a good moment to wrap it up and leave it behind.”

For the occasion, all tracks have been remastered and in some cases newly mixed or edited, making this the label’s definitive statement.

The physical edition of the compilation will come with a foldout poster featuring the vinyl series’ distinct artwork. Each record’s label depicts a landmark in the city or area where it was produced - The Hague, Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, the island of Schiermonnikoog and Utrecht respectively - in a metal-tone design by Lamanchanegra based on pictures taken by Dave himself.

A Made Up Sound - A Made Up Sound (2009 - 2016)
Release Date: 21st October 2016
Format: 2 x CD, Digital

1-­01 Take The Plunge (first thought)
1­-02 Bygones *
1­-03 Sun Touch
1­-04 Crisis
1-­05 Havoc
1­-06 Syrinx
1­-07 Untitled (original shortcut)
1­-08 Extra Time
1­-09 Half Hour Jam On A Borrowed Synth
1­-10 Ahead

2-­01 Stumbler
2­-02 Alarm (edit)
2­-03 Take The Plunge (beat mix)
2­-04 Rework
2­-05 Endgame
2­-06 P.P.B. **
2­-07 Demons (reprise)
2­-08 After Hours
2­-09 What Preset (edit)
2­-10 Peace Offering *

  • previously unreleased, forthcoming AMS009 12”
    ** previously unreleased, CD-exclusive

A Made Up Sound - Bygones
Release Date: 4th November 2016
Format: 12”

The final transmission from A Made Up Sound’s self-titled label, featuring two deep cuts unfolding across eight minutes each.

A Bygones
AA Peace Offering

Stream clips from the compilation here

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