A Made Up Sound steps up for a FACT mix

Dave Huismans has been responsible for more than his fair share of killer tracks over the past decade, both as a producer and a label owner. Under his various aliases – A Made Up Sound, 2562 and Dogdaze – he’s kept one step ahead of the hordes, evolving through dubstep-inspired broken rhythms and twisted techno to leftfield club tools like last year’s massive ‘Half Hour Jam On A Borrowed Synth’ – one of the best tracks of 2015, in our humble opinion.

This summer Huismans announced he was winding down his imprint, also called A Made Up Sound, with a retrospective compilation of the nine 12″s released over seven years in action. “It was meant to be a finite thing early on,” he explained. “If you know you only have so many records left to make, you’re extra keen to make each of them count.”

The compilation is out on October 21 with a final 12″ coming on November 4. On the cusp of a new era for one of The Hague’s finest exports, Huismans has put together a suitably reflective FACT mix featuring some of his all-time favourite tracks.

“It’s on a ‘where I come from’ tip”, he explains, “with quite a lot of records I bought as a youngster from the mid ‘90s onwards which still regularly make their way into my DJ sets today.”

Listen to his mix over at FACT.

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