A Made Up Sound dives into his studio techniques for Resident Advisor's Machine Love

A Made Up Sound is one of the most distinctive projects in dance music. Dave Huismans, who also makes music as 2562, has operated at such a high level of quality and consistency over the past decade that we’ve almost become complacent about his work. If a newcomer released any of the ten 12-inches on his self-titled imprint, which have recently been collected as a double-CD compilation, they’d be hailed as wunderkinds. Huismans has never ceased to be inventive; rather, the rest of us have trouble keeping up with him. Many producers and DJs are in awe of the Dutchman—Ben UFO summed it up by saying, “I’ve no idea how Dave does it, but his tracks manage to be at once totally self-contained, like variations on a theme existing in their own private universe, and totally outward-looking and expansive, touching on the fault lines between scenes and styles and sounding relevant in countless different contexts.”

A Made Up Sound is generally spoken of as hybridising sounds and histories, from dubstep to techno, or Detroit to The Hague. This is true, but it looks past Huismans’ greatest strength: the durability of his voice, which is hard to pin down and prone to drastic changes in form, yet you know it when you hear it. There are the rhythms that lurch and shudder or roll forward with a Shed-like degree of swinging momentum. There are the daring structures and bizarre sounds that should clear dance floors yet end up filling them. And there’s the fact he can simultaneously touch on electro, dubstep, techno and IDM in a single track.

From a technical perspective, A Made Up Sound tracks make other records sound meek. But perhaps the greatest thing I learnt while talking to Huismans in his home studio in Utrecht is that following your intuition is more powerful than technical knowledge. He claims that his biggest-sounding records were made in his early years of production, and says he still struggles with technical details. The joy of bringing unlikely sounds into relation with one another and exploring the possibilities they suggest is most important to him.

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