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Dave Huismans, the Dutch artist known as A Made Up Sound and 2562, shared an interesting anecdote that didn’t make it into the final Machine Love feature. Before he’d released his first record, his friends organized something called a “beat battle,” where producers were challenged to remix an old funk track. The judges passed over Huismans’ contribution because they couldn’t recognize the source material. “It dawned on me then and there that I maybe wasn’t making things easy for myself, but I was OK with that,” he said. “I simply enjoy starting from scratch, digging for sounds and shaping them, seeing what character they have and what happens when you change them.”

That definitely rings true on A Made Up Sound, a retrospective of the project’s self-titled label, and its final record. Released between 2009 and 2016, these tracks are the aural equivalent of metal sculptures, their sounds bent and twisted into shape as if by extreme heat and pressure. Musical styles—house, techno, post-dubstep—undergo a similar transformation, melted down and joined together into something new. With no commitment to any one scene, Huismans has always been something an outsider, which seems to have helped shape his singular sound.

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