Ancient Astronaut drops debut LP on Other People

Flying saucers, whooping synths, and antennae—coming across an artist with a name like “Ancient Astronaut,” what else would you expect? Yet this is something entirely different. Ancient Astronaut’s debut doesn’t deal in campy sci-fi tropes, but in mysteries that run deep as their basslines. Whether this record comes as a transmission from the future, or a strange artifact of the past, it’s hard to say. Crackling futurist synths coexist with thick, almost tribal grooves.

Ancient Astronaut’s productions are at once playful and painstaking, explosive and arranged, kinetic and curious. Blockbuster-worthy sonic pyrotechnics fill each track, and every blast is explored to its last frequency. Like a high-speed camera catches detail, Ancient Astronaut catches the smallest tone, twists and tweaks it into mad, dissonant shapes, and never loses momentum. Hi- hats and handclaps splay out in wacky elastic intervals, and tight synth riffs shred into roars of noise over a kick drum so deep it seems to burrow into the earth. What’s old, and what’s new? Ancient Astronaut asks the question. What’s the difference?

The self-titled LP is set for release on May 26th.

Developer notes.

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