Fred P to release new EP under his techno alias Anomaly

Continuing the perception series comes the next episode of the Anomaly with the Sun & Moon EP.

For fans of Red Clouds this outing brings more depth and insight to the saga. Fred P’s alter ego first emerged in what could be considered a techno guise. Now we see him fully immerse in the character using sound to transcend time and space. Serinatatis starts off the proceedings with a relentless drive and lofty pulsating pads that give you the feeling of a dismal oasis with it’s brooding bassline and obscure vocals penetrating the construct. Dark Population takes us further down the rabbit hole into deeper rhythmic vibrations. This hypnotic ceremonial floor shaker echoes the cerebral ethos of the EP. Last but surely not least Convective Zone cracks the sky and lets the sun shine in with it’s rolling bassline and ethereal chord structure. Homage to the term techno soul is paid in full here as a trumpet blares through without losing the depth of the moment. Truly the Anomaly gets more interesting with Sun & Moon.

Sun & Moon will be released on July 15, and for those of you who are in Berlin on the 12th, make sure to catch him when he plays under this new moniker at Berghain.


Fred P (Black Jazz Consortium/Anomaly)

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