Francis Harris readies new album "Floods" as Aris Kindt

Francis Harris & Gabe Hedrick collaborate as Aris Kindt on new ‘Floods’ LP, out 16th November

Through dense layers of noise, brittle beats, found sounds and a general haze, Francis Harris returns to his own Scissor and Thread imprint under the guise Aris Kindt, with the aid of frequent collaborator and longtime friend, guitarist Gabe Hedrick. Following Harris’ 2014 sophomore solo album, “Minutes of Sleep”, the duo’s album debut “Floods” takes as its focus the late author W.G. Sebald’s profound interpretation of Rembrandt’s 1632 master work, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp.

Written in a span of over a year using a vintage 808, a modular eurorack and two guitars, the album charts new territory for both Harris and Hedrick, melding a long history with electronic music and youthful love for indie noise, weaving in and out of near silence and sheering walls of sound with a gentle and constant heartbeat at its core.

A1 Now Grey
A2 Floods
A3 Blue Sky Shoes
A4 Snowbird
B1 Every New Thing
B2 Embers
B3 Braids

Stream clips of each track here.

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