The Bunker New York announce new releases from Atom™ & J.F. Burma

​​Atom™ - Future Nights

Uwe Schmidt has long been recognized as one of electronic music’s most respected and versatile artists. A man of many talents, projects and identities including Atom Heart and Señor Coconut, Uwe’s playfully ironic and acid-tinged Atom™ moniker is perhaps the identity that most speaks to the New York dancefloors where The Bunker makes its home. Several Atom™ releases are much-loved Bunker classics and with the Future Nights 12” Uwe offers a heady experiment in what happens when a track takes you so far inside your own head that you’re in danger of losing your way back.

All three tracks have been getting heavy pre-release workouts in Brooklyn courtesy of The Bunker residents. The A side is comprised of two fuzzy vocal techno tracks that are as fun to listen to as they will be to subject to some heavy tweaking in the hands of a capable DJ. The B side, “Chemistry” is particularly versatile and crazy-making with elements of darker techno stirred into a disorientingly stereophonic maelstrom that’s guaranteed to cause a dancefloor to lose its moorings until the only thing keeping reality from splintering is the track’s dry academic vocal reassuring us that it’s all just chemistry.

Release Date: 29th September 2017
Format: 12” & Digital

Track List:
A1. Future Nights
A2. Acidsexmagic
B1. Chemistry

​​ J.F. Burma - Nomadic

J. F. Burma is a new analog synth project of Jeremy Berman, a longtime friend of The Bunker who we met via the forums of I-F’s Cybernetic Broadcasting System internet radio station in the early 2000’s. While living in Brooklyn, Jeremy spent many hours each week searching for undiscovered gems among the piles of records (and sometimes rat skeletons) at notorious Greenpoint crate-digging spot The Thing. Inspired and educated by the music he was finding, he purchased his first modular and started building synthesizers and modules in spite of his lack of training in electrical engineering. Currently, about half of his current Eurorack rig has been DIY’ed via trial and error.

Jeremy put out his first EP on Shaddock Records under the name Factory Aire in 2013 and it found a warm welcome from critics, DJ’s and collectors. After a move to Los Angeles and the birth of his daughter, Jeremy’s music production took a bit of a back seat and The Bunker New York is proud to release the Nomadic EP, his first record produced under the influence of a toddler. All three tracks have a very live feel as Jeremy draws most of his inspiration from interacting with the music machines during late night jam sessions: “When I’m jamming out I tend to gravitate towards trippier vibes, which is just a reflection of my personal affinity for acid and psychedelic music.” The three tracks that comprise the Nomadic EP are the precisely perfect mystical outsider jams for those sunrises when a bit of human-modulated machine music is exactly what’s needed.

Release Date: 29th September 2017
Format: 12” & Digital

Track List:
A1. Sub-Saharan Jitter
B1. Taiga
B2. 1000 Pines

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