Boiler Room premieres Will Saul & Komon 'Circadian' from the Aus 100 compilation

Following on from Bicep and Hammer’s emotional “ARACARI“, the next entry in Boiler Room’s Aus Music Debut series sees label general Will Saul and beat whiz Komon join forces. Hailing from Bristol, Komon has been successfully perusing deep house for a few years now and with various releases etched into the Aus Music tapestry.

The duo have worked together in the past: on the “Lost in Time” EP on Kompakt and the “Two for One” EP on !K7 respectively. They also played alongside each other at our previous Aus Music label showcase in 2014.

Aptly adhering to its name, “Circadian” is an exquisite exploration of darkness and light. The track ventures into the obscured chasms of electronic music with foreboding synths and a menacing 4×4 bass line – only to then touch upon fluttering melodies that lull listeners into a lucid trance.

Available on July 8th as part of the much-anticipated AUS100 compilation, be sure to catch Will Saul tonight for Aus Music’s BR takeover alongside Nick Höppner, Marquis Hawkes and Sei A b2b FOLD.

Listen to “Circaidan” over at Boiler Room.


Will Saul

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