Bandcamp's Best Ambient Albums of 2018, featuring 7FO

“Blessed with a huge talent for fusing dub and ambient, Osaka-based 7FO followed up releases on Bristol dub-focused label Bokeh Versions, as well as RVNG Intl. with Moment (Selected Works 2012​-​2017), 2018’s inaugural release on Berlin label Métron Records. Compared to the dub-influenced palette of its predecessors, Moment displays a stronger focus on spacey melodies and heavy guitar sounds, contorted through digital effects: consider the shimmering chimes on “Fate,” leavened by the producer’s unusual trills and dizzy frequencies. Common ambient accompaniments, like bird sounds and rain, are stretched and warped to sound less organic; the playful chug of “Hakko Suru Zero / 発酵するゼロ” is particularly enchanting, accompanied by dial-up modem notes and synths that sound like they’re coming from the inside of a spaceship.”

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