Ectomorph talk to Bandcamp Daily about 25 years in the business & their debut LP 'Stalker'

“Whereas the most recent Interdimensional Transmission releases have been high-energy bolts of rave catharsis, Stalker explores a different set of Gillen and Erika’s impulses. Low-tempo, cosmic, and occasionally menacing, it slowly unfurls a soundscape that could easily accompany Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1979 film classic of the same name. Notably, the whole LP was recorded live across just two takes, using Ectomorph’s sprawling bank of synths and other live electronics, with not even a drum machine to establish it’s distinct, sludgy groove.”

Read Bandcamp Daily’s interview with Erika & Brendan M. Gillen here


Ectomorph - Stalker


Interdimensional Transmissions

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