Barney Khan to release 'Despot' EP

Release Date: 23.03.15

Bis Bald label boss Barney Khan is only on his second release, and already the scope of his production has shown a deep love for the electronic world, with strong influences including and beyond techno, house, drum and bass and dub, being immediately apparent. With a DIY attitude his personal level of care can be seen in the artwork that features yet another self-curated artist’s interpretation of his own visual concept.

Wanting to “balance geeky, esoteric sound design with accessibility and functionality; that is as impressive to a long time producer as it is to someone on their first night out with electronic music”. His empathy with the dancefloor is clear from the way he weaves from syncopated rhythms and foreign musical scales to an unabashed four to the floor pounding – with flourishes of violent synth work from his roots in drum and bass - in lead track Despot. Intention goes on to conjure up almost unbearable tension before dropping into a locked groove that’s high energy is carefully balanced with progressive depth. Levitation wraps things up with downtempo synths oozing grandeur that culminate in some dubbed out harmonies and roaring delays that are quickly forming the sense of a signature sound.

Despot is set for release on March 23, check out snippets here.

Developer notes.

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