Bassani announce debut album from Héctor Oaks

The Bassiani label’s first LP, out 7th December, is presented by our deeply appreciated main room resident Héctor Oaks. Taking inspiration from his marathon sets in Bassiani’s second floor, Höroom, and the 11th of May in Tbilisi, the techno staple crafted his own take on contemporary dance music. “As We Were Saying” is an unapologetic collection of heartfelt, powerful techno. Crafted by a vinyl lover for dancing purposes, its arrangement and composition fits both, club or as an energizing home listening. This is the soundtrack for our revolution.

“The 11 tracks are a portrayal of the spirit captured in the vaults of the Dinamo Stadium. From my point of view, this is the voice of a generation that found it’s freedom in raving. To all of you my Georgian brothers and sisters, and anybody who felt touched by this. As we were saying: we dance together. One of you.” -H.


Héctor Oaks - As We Were Saying

Release Date: 7th December 2018

Track List:
A1. Is Imminent
A2. Sounds Violent, Truth Always is
A3. Reign
B1. Forwarded State Of Evidence
B2. As We Were Saying
C1. Purpose-Method
C2. Afterall, She Had No Reason To Stay
C3. Horoom Reclusion
D1. Improved Motto
D2. Together We Stand
D3. From Here Onwards [Outro]

Bassiani and Hector Oaks celebrate ’As We Were Saying’ with a launch party November 9th. More information coming soon.

Watch ‘As We Were Saying’ video teaser here

Developer notes.

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