Berlin Collective Action Nightlife Emergency Fund updates

Over €38,000 raised and and distributed funds to 130+ people in need

FJAAK, D.TIFFANY, ND_Baumecker and 7 other headliners choose BCA fund as recipient for upcoming Club Quarantäne stream donations

Call Super and ĀBNAMĀ to play BCA X HÖR Radio 23rd April

Over forty of Berlin’s queer nightlife collectives stand together in support of the Nightlife Emergency Fund,​ organized by ​Berlin Collective Action.​ ​The initiative provides emergency financial aid to those who are severely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. BCA has now distributed over €30,000 to 131 individuals and raised over €38,000 from 1,100+ donations since the campaign went live on 19 March 2020. Donations are still urgently needed as the pandemic situation unfolds.

The most vulnerable people, many of whom contribute to the vibrancy, labour and creativity of queer Berlin nightlife, may never be able to access government aid due to legal status, language barriers or the violence of state institutions. The BCA fund prioritises individuals who aren’t eligible for any other financial aid in this time of crisis: precarious low-income workers, non-EU migrants and people of color, trans and gender non-conforming people, sex workers, those with pre-existing conditions who may therefore be more socially isolated, those who aren’t safe at home and those for whom alternative systems of support do not exist.

“I have no words to express how much gratitude I’m feeling for all you now, this means not only the financial help but also the motivation kick I needed to get straight up again. I literally had 45 euros with me left. Thank you so much to you all! I promise you all I will be working hard and proactive to find a solution for the problem I’m facing right now. A lot of love, respect and gratitude” - Quote from BCA fund recipient

Funds are designated to cover urgent living costs, including food, rent, household-related bills, health insurance, and medical expenses. Every week the campaign is also distributing 500€ to local organisations working on the ground with people in crisis; so far funds have helped ​OLGA​, ​Gladt e.V.,​ ​CrowBar Crew-Solidarity ​and W​ omen In Exile ​continue their essential work.

Berlin Collective Action was formed when ​members of aequa, Berlin Strippers Collective, DOGMA, Host Aware, Lecken, POLY. Artists, Radiant Love, Room 4 Resistance, TS Raver and TUF gathered virtually to address the needs of at-risk individuals in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. The goal was to come up with a swift way of redistributing much-needed resources to those most severely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis in Berlin’s queer nightlife communities. BCA is also sharing resources to help people navigate this crisis together. In doing this, we are building upon the grassroots organizing traditions already present in our community, and capturing a spirit of solidarity they hope will continue after this crisis.

This weekend Club Quarantäne will be broadcasting again from their virtual space in support of Berlin Collective Action amongst other charity initiatives. 24 DJs take part in the virtual rave’s second edition including Darwin, ND_Baumecker, FJAAK, D.Tiffany, Byron Yeates, CORA, and Akua whom have all pledged their stream donations to the BCA fund.

Berlin Collective Action are also streaming on HOR Radio with the following line ups:

Thursday 23 April 7-10pm CEST
Call Super
ĀBNAMĀ (Dump, Climax)
RA event

Tuesday 28 April 7 - 10pm CEST
Cali Rose
Sanni Est
RA event

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