Beats In Space Records present new EP from Lord Of The Isles

Lord Of The Isles, the nom de guerre of Scottish producer Neil McDonald, arrives on Beats In Space Records with Glisk Science, a singular set of songs harvested from a catalog growing and overflowing with music.

Glisk Science fuses club-ready cuts and beatless excursions that were initially staged in diverse live settings over the past few years. The A-side tracks were created with an ADE performance, and a live mix for Dekmantel’s podcast series, in mind. The B-side features two environmental pieces written for a special presentation at the Sydney Opera House.

McDonald embraces and documents the joy of live improvisation on Glisk Science, allowing the machines, the environment, and a decade of writing and performing guide the experience. A glimpse of the sweet spots encountered through free play, now and forever in functional formats.

Lord Of The Isles’ Glisk Science is available from Beats In Space November 2020, in a limited vinyl edition and unlimited digital bitrates.

Beats In Space

Lord of the Isles - Glisk Science EP

Release Date: November 2020
Format: Vinyl & Digital

01. Electric Brae (Dub)
02. Unnsa
03. Glisk Science
04. Sisters

Listen to ‘Electric Brae (Dub)’ on Spotify or Soundcloud

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