XLR8R Bubblin' Up: Bézier

Robert Yang’s latest EP as Bézier, 府城, arrived on Honey Soundsystem earlier this month, featuring five slow-burning slices of slow-burning electronica, with twinkly melodies and wonky beats. The tracks form part of a larger body of work that the Taiwanese-American musician completed while in Tainan, Taiwan, and were recorded in a vacant apartment unit in his grandmother’s property. Without much reliance on his usual home studio setup, he used samples, vocals, and mono synths. Since its production, he’s relocated to Berlin where he spends much of his time when not touring across the United States and Asia. Life in the German capital has brought him much joy, a welcome respite from the financial stresses caused by the hiking living costs of San Francisco, his home for over a decade.

In support of this release and with more music coming soon, XLR8R caught up with Yang one afternoon to learn more about his work and the story behind it.

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