Bolting Bits premiere Chrissy track 'Like A Fantasy'

“After the first few rave chord stabs you are instantly thrown into a hedonistic warehouse, head rushing and smiling widely. The vocal rings out the title of the track whilst choppy break-beat drums filter in and get you moving. The kick drum slams in and you are up and away. It does not take long for that famous TB303 acid bassline lick to join the mix, incredible how such a small synthesizer has the power to put a smile on the faces of party people all over the world.

The track could be summed up with a yellow smiley face, the illustration of defiance, positivity and rave. This track is contagious and will be unstoppable on a dance floor. Total brilliance from Chrissy on this one – a huge tip for any DJ looking to lift a set with energy, euphoria and 90s rave nostalgia.”

Stream ‘Like A Fantasy’ on Bolting Bits

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