Athens' bonebrokk unveils 'ExoPunk' sound on new EP with Mosca

Following the curation of the expansive Athens UHD compilation, Trial & Error founder bonebrokk is back with the frenetic 5-tracker, Howl.

Including a Mosca remix, Howl is a potent return which introduces bonebrokk’s brand new ‘ExoPunk’ sound. Equally raw and meticulously crafted, Howl is a polydimensional world of profound directness expressed through unrestrained sound design, turbulent beats, and cathartic hooks.

In the creator’s words: ”Howl is a reaction, an act of liberation from reality, from the constant advertisements, from entrepreneurs, from my fascist country, from capitalism. It’s a world I created to heal myself, to escape and to lose myself in a sonic bath. Devaluation and 15 second memories rule this age and I need more, I want things to matter.”

Out 16 October on Trial & Error, for the mind n’ feet.

Trial & Error

bonebrokk - Howl

Release Date: 16 October 2020
Format: Digital

01. Exo
02. Forsaken
03. Io Chant
04. Howl
05. Exo (Mosca’s Shaolin Version)

Listen to ‘Io Chant’ on Bandcamp or Soundcloud

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