Brave! Factory Kiev reveal installation & exhibition program

Brave! Factory Festival is more than just music… Installations and Exhibitions revealed + artists residency applications still open

August 23-24, Kyiv. On an industrial factory plant there will be the Brave! Factory Festival organized by the team behind the city’s infamous club Closer. Across five stages, more than fifty musicians will play including Yves Tumor, Laurel Halo and more. The whole plant will be decorated with exhibitions, murals and art installations by artists from all over the world.

Actually, the organizers paid no less attention for the art side of Brave! . On fifty thousand square meters of territory in specially equipped galleries and outside (outdoor) throughout the location will be placed the works of several dozen sculptors, graphic artists, 3D designers and other artists.

Selection of applications and, in fact, work with artists engaged in a curatorial group. All the works that will be presented at the festival are united by the themes of space and the universe, and also the otherworldly life and the variety of its forms. Artists will clearly demonstrate how far you can go in fantasies, reflecting on the theme of the universe. The theme of urban and secondary processing will also be touched upon: the location of the festival will turn into a full-fledged city with its streets and houses, and some of the installations located on its squares and walls will be made of recyclables.

We received many applications from different artists, some of them start working on the embodiment of their ideas at the festival this week.
Among those who have already been selected:
Clemens Behr
Esteban Diakono
Oleksyi Zolotariov
Oleksyi Sai
GAZ group

Watch the Brave! ART teaser video here

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