Boiler Room premieres ItaloJohnson's ITJ10

Nine releases under their belt, and still, ItaloJohnson keep up the invisibility act. Dance music’s most inconspicuous production/DJ trio maintain their enigmatic persona, as they present ITJ10. After almost a yearlong absence, they are marking the anniversary of release no. 10 by switching up their white labels to black.

As was expected, their press release leaves a lot to the imagination, merely stating that the boys “are, in fact, the Ghostbusters.” Needless to say, their tenth catalogue number is made up of two absolutely blinding constructions for the dancefloor. Following the typical ITJ rhetoric, the opening “ITJ10 A1” needs near-to-no explanation – flaunting some of the biggest club music sounds we’ve heard from the anonymous three-piece. Heady synth chords and an insatiable drum beat that kicks you right in the face. It’s pretty impossible for this track not to possess you instantly. Who you gonna call?

Stream “ITJ10 A1” on Boiler Room Debuts.

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