Truants Interview: Bruce

“Larry McCarthy, also known as Bruce, has not so much been making waves as crashing into the UK dance music scene and beyond since his first releases in 2014 … His latest release came out recently on Untold’s Hemlock Recordings. Before You Sleep moves between the anguished low-slung techno of its title track, strange percussion that darts and dances of its own accord on “In Line” and finally, utter chaos in the form of Sweat, used to great effect in the masterful Fabric mix from Call Super. He’s also a warm and affable character, whose infectious laughter and self-deprecation made for a conversation that went on for longer than many standard interviews. We spoke to Bruce last month in and covered everything such as his musical origins (not as cool as you might expect), working at a cleaner at his old school and the specific inspirations behind some of his most personal tracks.”

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