Bunker NY line up new EPs from Gunnar Haslam and Wata Igarashi

Both releases land 21st June on 12” and digital formats

Gunnar Haslam - Seasick Acid
Seasick Acid is an aquatic addition to the Gunnar Haslam multiverse, a twisting realm of mirrored realities and fully realized continents with their own submarine logic systems. We asked Gunnar Haslam about the story behind this EP, his third release on The Bunker NY, confirming that he has not been recently seasick but did grow up by the ocean spending plenty of time on boats as a young man. Seasickness thus established as a part of Haslam’s personal history, he went on to explain “the best nights out hearing music are the rocky ones, not the smooth voyages” flashing to the experience of a very deep rave as a large ship with all hands on deck working to keep the whole thing afloat. All four tracks bring a woozy driving force to the dance floor that are sure to keep everyone bobbing along disorientedly.

Track List:
A1. Leeward Tripping
A2. Coastal Geography
B1. Seasick Acid
B1. Seasick Version

Wata Igarashi - Kioku EP
The Kioku EP is Wata Igarashi’s third release on The Bunker New York, showcasing considerable emotional range that speaks to his long career as a sound designer. All four tracks feature a cinematic, expansive quality that make it easy to imagine how each could fit specific moments across the arc of a party. Different aspects of the music are carefully balanced and combined: seemingly simple patterns in the foreground are animated by precise intensities at play in the background. We encourage you to give this one a listen on a proper sound system or headphones to fully dive into the intricacies of Igarashi’s sound design.

Reflecting on his feelings about these tracks, Igarashi tells us that, “there are many times when you’re listening to powerful music and you are not really able to think but your body still remembers how to move and breathe”. Kioku means “memory” in Japanese and Igarashi goes on to explain that “all the fast and complex melody combinations (of the title track) make me imagine how our memory functions: connecting via synapse and nerves, going all over the place…the music comes from my experience and memory.”

The complexity and beauty of our thoughts and bodies are mirrored in these fine productions that make up the Kioku EP.

Track List:
A1. Body
B1. Gravity
B2. Kioku
[Digital-only] Kioku (Big Room Ambient Version)

Stream clips from Gunnar Haslam - Seasick Acid here

Stream clips from Wata Igarashi - Kioku EP here


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