Cabanne reveals his tale and reflects on his jazz-infused debut LP with XLR8R

Touring frequently and releasing on some of the scene’s most lauded imprints, it’s no surprise that Jean-Guillaume Cabanne has established himself as one of minimal’s leading names. So deep that he has become in the electronic realm that it’s easy to overlook that he’s a musician at heart, one with deep roots in jazz, funk and everything in between. His latest release, however—a wonderful debut album, for that matter—sees him revisit these former pastures for the first time, in effect sharing a side of his musical heritage of which only very few of his fans were even aware. Naturally intrigued by the LP, William Ralston traveled to Paris to learn more about the untold tale behind it.

Almost 20 years have passed since Jean-Guillaume Cabanne’s name first appeared on an electronic music record. The cut, a downtempo effort alongside France’s John Thomas, arrived in 1997 as part of the four-track various artist EP on Logistic Records—the opening page of a musical catalog that now boasts close to 20 solo EPs and multiple others in collaboration with trusted artist friends. This collection, Cabanne explains, is one that he reflects upon with great pride, but also one that has long been marred by the glaring omission of an album. “I come from regular soul, jazz and funk styles where an LP is a rite of passage,” he explains. “I’ve been trying to do it for 10 years—but I’ve just continued to push it back.” Now, having chipped away for the best part of a decade, the Paris-based DJ-producer has completed his much anticipated debut LP, released via his own Minibar imprint just last week.

Check out the rest of Cabanne’s story over at XLR8R.

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