Call Super interview on on RBMA Radio First Floor

Celebrated selector Call Super breaks down the late-night vibe of his new fabric mix

British-born, Berlin-based Call Super has more than a dozen releases under his belt, and while those records have undoubtedly been well received, it’s his prowess as a DJ that truly sets him apart. The folks at fabric have certainly taken notice, which is why they’ve enlisted him for the latest edition of the club’s long-running mix series.
On RBMA Radio’s First Floor with Shawn Reynaldo, Call Super speaks about how he approached the task and explains why he elected to focus on the sort of late-night sounds that usually populate the final hours of a party.

The show will air Thursday 16th February at 7-9pm in Europe and 6-8pm in the UK, and will be available to listen to on demand (everywhere except the US) as soon as the original airing is complete.
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