Manuel Göttsching talks divining moments with Clash

“Manuel Göttsching, the German guitarist of Ash Ra Tempel, is a man that knows this more than most. Here is a Berlin composer who converted a quiet and remarkable afternoon into the future of electronic music thanks to a nonchalant 60 minute jam he called ‘E2-E4’. It was an afternoon that lay like a sleeper cell of potential. He needed to make some music for his Walkman for an upcoming weekend away. No pressure. No big plan.

The results have reverberated ever since. Göttsching is preparing to play his masterpiece live on July 30th at the Dekmantel Festival in Holland for only the ninth time in 30 years. It is at this juncture that Clash wants to delve deeper into the voodoo of improvisation and also push him for his advice to younger producers on the lost art of minimalism, but first Göttsching outlines the nature of his near-accidental classic..”

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