Cómeme announces Katerina / Rizu X split EP 'Bizarro World'

Cómeme happily presents Bizarro World, a Split EP from Helsinki’s Katerina and Rizu X from Laredo, TX.

Bizarro World marks the return to Cómeme for both artists after Katerina’s Just When You Thought It Was Over EP from 2018 and Rizu X’s contributions to the Solidarity Forever compilation trilogy.

Émotsiya label-head Katerina brings us two haunting tracks: the abstract future jazz anthem ‘Bizarro World’ and the acidic descarga of ‘Pinocchio’ – whereas Rizu X offers us three post-techno fantasies created in her hometown at the US - Mexican border between Laredo and Nuevo Laredo.

On Bizarro World both artists create their own language and imaginary space, taking shape as tracks that are intended, as Rizu X puts it, “to incite people to dance or meditate”.


Rizu X / Katerina - Bizarro World

Release Date: 26 June 2020
Format: Digital

Track List:
01. Rizu X - Mesías
02. Rizu X - Cerca
03. Rizu X - Rub It
04. Katerina - Bizarro World
05. Katerina - Pinocchio

Listen to ‘Cerca’ by Rizu X on Bandcamp or Soundcloud

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