Inga Copeland featured on The FADER, Tiny Mix Tapes and Dummy 'Best of 2014' lists

‘Advice to Young Girls (feat. Actress)’ appears in the ‘Favourite Tracks of 2014’ on both The FADER and Tiny Mix Tapes:

“The grinding, metallic sounds recall the giant machines of the industrial era, an eerie echo of a time that gave birth to the social norms that continue to constrain us today.”

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“… it didn’t conceal imagined faults, exposing instead that “together, you’re strong,” you can “face the city,” “face the night.” What was most affecting about “Advice to Young Girls” wasn’t that it induced anxiety about these situations (which it did), but that it left you vulnerable and, most critically, EMPOWERED as a result.”

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Her self-released debut “Because I’m Worth It” also lands at #8 among Dummy’s 20 Best Albums of the Year:

“Inga Copeland might have gone her own post-Hype Williams way, but the penchant for the pop cultural influences and pun-ridden sideways glances of that original digital dumpster-diving duo persists in ‘Because I’m Worth It’.”

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You can also listen to Dummy’s 20 best albums of 2014 as a Youtube playlist.




Because I'm Worth It

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