Cosmin TRG Is in the mix for Groove

Cosmin TRG is a restless producer if there ever was one. A decade after his first release came out on Hessle Audio, Cosmin Nicolae has now more 50 releases under his belt. But it’s not its quantity alone that makes his back catalogue as impressive as it is, it’s also Nicolae’s stylistic evolution which makes his massive output feel even broader. Moving from Dubstep to House and Techno with the occasional detour around the fringes of electronic music, Cosmin TRG has continuously reinvented his sound. It’s thus no surprise that he would also create platforms on which he can combine his music with his passion for visual art. After founding Fizic in 2014, Nicolae launched the white-label imprint Sportiv last year. Before he returns with a 90s-inspired EP on Sportiv, Cosmin TRG opens his vaults wide for his contribution to our Groove podcast: His mix comprises exclusively his own productions, most of which are yet unreleased.

Listen to the podcast here

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