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“It’s been such a crazy year for me; I played my first Dekmantel Boiler Room which turned out to be incredibly fun, Nachtdigital festival in Germany was unbelievably beautiful and I cried at the end of my 9,5 hour Berghain closing set last month. I launched my new label Kulør, which is the project I’m the proudest of to date, but to be completely honest with you, the biggest highlight of the last year was reconnecting with my best friend Johanne from high school, who I also started DJing with back then. We haven’t spoken for 7 years, and I had completely given up on us ever becoming friends again. But now we live 5 minutes away from each other in Berlin, and the time I spend with her and her 2-year-old daughter here makes me happier than ever before. This year I’ve deeply learned that success is nothing if you are not sharing it with the people you love.”

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