Courtesy mix included in Pitchfork's Best of August

“Denmark’s Courtesy turns up with some frequency in this column, and her new set for Mixmag’s In Session series illustrates why she’s so great. The tempo is fast, the mixing is tight, and her selections are drenched in color and fun. Check the way she slams in a rave-soaked piano-house bomb from 1992 after a bleepy techno meditation from Joey Beltram. She follows that with a clanging segment of a 2001 live set by Cristian Vogel and then feints sideways into a brand-new tune with some new wave flavor from fellow Dane Kasper Marott. Courtesy’s sets are always an education, and she spends the duration of her Mixmag session switching between old and new, setting up a conversation between classics and contemporary tunes that spans decades. Speaking of new releases, keep an ear out for the plangent synths of Schacke’s “Automated Lover,” forthcoming from Courtesy’s brand-new label, Kulør.” -Philip Sherburne

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