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¨There’s something brewing in Denmark. Until recently the country’s most famous dance music exports were Trentemøller, Kasper Bjørke and the electro starlet Mø - respectable artists that draw on the Scandinavian’s love of classic rock and indie as much (if not more) as they do the future dreaming pioneers of techno. Now, however, a whole new generation has emerged looking to embrace electronic music in it’s pure, alien form.

Taking over the new warehouse spaces that are springing up around Copenhagen, and hosting word-of-mouth parties that are packed with young, sweaty ravers, the new techno sound that’s swelling from the Danish capital is fast, hard, dark and surprisingly fun, and DJ and label owner Courtesy is leading the way. Her Ectotherm label (run in conjunction with Mama Snake) has only been around for a year or so, but in that time has cast a spotlight on a scene that was otherwise resolutely underground. The Ectotherm sound is brute machine music made for the headstrong– tracks tearing along on serrated, boshing kick drums that clatter at breakneck speeds.

Courtesy herself has spent the last year advocating for the new Copenhagen sound, playing everywhere from Berghain to Sonar, her sets becoming increasingly feted as she joins the dots between classic UK rave, wired Detroit electro and harsh new school techno, all mixed with a seamless perfection. With a forthcoming Warehouse Project debut, she spoke to us over Skype to give us the background on a whole new sound emerging from the North…¨

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