Truancy Vol.195: Courtesy

“As the electronic music scene in Copenhagen continues to grow, with warehouse parties and DIY spaces popping up all over, Courtesy can take pride in being a driving force in inspiring likeminded people to start throwing parties in the city. Working as a promoter in the past at the now defunct Dunkel, she regularly interviewed and brought in some of the freshest acts to the city, whilst also getting her name out there as DJ. Establishing herself as a solo artist from last year, after years touring the world and DJing as part of fellow favourites Apeiron Crew, she’s taken the new challenge on with confidence, getting set to embark on a tour of Asia with Daniel Avery as of next week, whilst lining up shows in São Paulo, North American and Australia in the near future. Truants caught up with Courtesy to discuss her early beginnings as a DJ, her label Ectotherm with Mama Snake, 90s rave and bathhouse sets in Pittsburgh. Her Truancy Volume, featuring an array of fellow DJs from Copenhagen, as well as some forthcoming Ectotherm material, is her most focused to date she tells me over email. It’s fast from the start, building to her ideal spot of 135BPM over the course of an hour, traversing her way through acid stormers from Robert Figus to trance anthems from Oliver Lieb.”

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