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To Copenhagen’s Hard Techno Scene, Courtesy Is Adding Color

Amsterdam’s Dekmantel festival summons the best electronic acts from around the world, so it’s no surprise that Courtesy played last year. The Danish DJ’s no-holds-barred set was a fine representation, both of the contours of her own sensibility and the hard-edged yet wistful character of Copenhagen’s contemporary techno scene. A few minutes in, she laid a dreamy, near saccharine loop over a chugging techno track, all of which she mixed with apparent enthusiasm. It’s that punishing pace, those trance-like moments of levity that make her sets so fun. To her credit, Courtesy looked as engaged as the crowd behind her, jumping up and down with a wide grin in a bright red suit. “I like things that are positive and things that make you smile,” Courtesy says. “It can be moody, but I think that’s expressed in both the music I play and the way that I dress.”

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