Courtesy talks to Pitchfork about the fast, colorful sound of Copenhagen

Kulør’s latest release, last week’s Kulør 006, breaks sharply with what came before it. The 11-track compilation takes in ambient drones, post-classical minimalism, and glowering post-punk—not so much a survey of Copenhagen’s experimental scene as a sampler of its micro-climates, all held together by an overarching mood, and accompanied by a 30-minute video that plays up the music’s unsettling character. “I hope people will use the compilation to explore different scenes, labels, and artists that don’t have anything to do with techno,” says Vestbirk. “I don’t necessarily like the expression that Kulør ‘transcends genres.’ It’s more about a feeling with the music, something funny or quirky or emotional about it.”

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Kulør 006 was released on 21 February 2020 (vinyl & digital).

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