Call Super, Shanti Celeste, Courtesy among Crack's Most Exciting DJs

Crack Magazine have ranked their 50 Most Exciting DJs In The World (Right Now), with Call Super, Shanti Celeste, Objekt and Courtesy featuring in the list.

“We wanted to create a snapshot of a scene that continues to thrive, despite its set backs, a selection which highlights underrated talent and new favourites alongside mainstays who never stop surprising us. The criteria for including DJs is fairly simple: these are the people who are creating a sense of genuine euphoria on the dancefloor right now. Some DJs achieve this with transformative ‘journeys’ or alien sounds, others excite a crowd by clashing together eccentric selections with a sense of unpredictability. Safe spaces and positive political ideas have always produced good energy at raves, and right now there are activists who are striving to reclaim the club as a sanctuary from the struggles of the outside world. It’s safe to say every DJ in this list had brought us joy in some way, and it feels like there’s never been a better time to support them.”

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