Crack Mix 240: dBridge

British producer and DJ dBridge is inextricably linked with drum’n’bass, with a career that reaches back to the very origins of the genre. Starting out as one-half of Renegade Hardware affiliated duo Future Forces Inc., the man born Darren White would go on to be one of the most consistent figures within the field. With releases on labels like Metalheadz and R&S Records, and a role in D’n’B supergroup Bad Company throughout the 90s and 2000s, it’d be easy to assign him the role of pioneer.

But White is no means stuck in the role of the old guard. His progressive outlook has seen him adapt and evolve, and this month saw him release his first album in 10 years, A Love I Can’t Explain. Likewise, his Crack Mix explores the living, breathing influence of drum’n’bass, tracing the impact it has had in shaping contemporary club music, from dubstep to techno and electro.

“Coming from a drum’n’bass background it’s easy to spot the influences other music has had on the scene, it was born out of sampling and its beauty lay in the unique way of piecing those samples together,” writes White in a statement accompanying the mix. “Over the years it moved away from obvious samples and found its own sonic fingerprint, with this mix I wanted to explore what I felt was the reverse of that, an often overlooked achievement of how drum’n’bass now influences others scenes and genres. This is a selection of tracks that to me have that attitude and spirit.”

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