Crack premiere Interchain‘s Экстаз / XTC video

Watch a kinetic new video from stars of Moscow’s dance underground Interchain

Powered by a punk sensibility, Moscow’s underground has been a breeding ground for exciting new music, fashion and culture for a minute now.

It’s this particular moment in time that Russian producer, DJ and label head Philipp Gorbachev has sought to capture on a new compilation for PG Tune, Centrifuge One. Grouping together acts like Obgon, Interchain, Dubrovsky, ushi333 and Gorbachev himself, the document acts as a comprehensive debriefing of the new dance sound of Moscow.

Interchain‘s Экстаз / XTC video – a Crack Magazine exclusive premiere – channels all that’s exhilirating about the music coming out of Moscow’s basements, garages and dive clubs. Inspired by Detroit classics, the outlaw hardware sounds of Bunker Records as well as the spirit of anarcho-punk, Interchain are set to follow in the footsteps of Philipp Gorbachev, Buttechno and Kedr Levanskiy and break out to an audience well beyond the boundaries of their home city. The timelapse video, filmed by artist Pavel Ignatiev, only heightens the adrenal punch.

Check it out here

Centrifuge One: New Dance Sound Of Moscow is out now

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