Crack interview Octo Octa & Eris Drew

Eris Drew and Maya Bouldry-Morrison are kindred spirits. Driven by the healing power of the dancefloor, the two DJs are on converging paths. Both artists are much-loved figures in electronic music. Maya makes radiant, expressive house music as Octo Octa. 2017’s breakthrough LP Where Are We Going? saw her chart new emotional terrain, cementing her as one of dance music’s most enchanting producers. Chicago native Eris Drew emerged from the old school rave scene of the 90s, spinning techno and electro at underground queer parties. Last year saw Eris’ profile as a DJ rise while she spread the good word of the Motherbeat, her personal philosophy that sees music as an ancient healer.

Together as partners and creative collaborators, they’re an unstoppable force. In October 2018, the pair put out their first split release, five-track EP Devotion. Appearing on Violet’s Lisbon-based imprint Naive, it’s a cosmic house journey through themes of love, sensuality and magic. Their recent joint tour, T4T LUV NRG, united them behind the decks, where the two are luminous. Their sets are a celebration of their love for each other, dance music and the queer community. Both independently and together, Eris Drew and Octo Octa are leading the charge with love.

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