Damiano Von Erckert announces new album 'In Case You Don't Know What To Play'

‘In Case You Don’t Know What To Play’ is the musical aspect of Damiano von Erckert’s latest project ‘In Case You Don’t Know What To Do’, consisting of three parts - the release of his LP, a movie and an art installation.

The album, ‘In Case You Don’t Know What To Play’, is committed to the world of dancing, drawing eclectic inspiration from the streets of Tokyo, traditional African rhythms, US underground techno and the sound of Recklinghausen.

The movie, ’In Case You Don’t Know What To Watch’, gives an insight into von Erckert and his work. Introducing his father Stefan mixing the album and his mother Daniela in her waterbed store. Shot in Paris, Cologne, Wiehl, London and his place of birth, Recklinghausen, Damiano is also shown creating a painting from the last part in the trilogy ’In Case You Don’t Know What To Look At’.

Listen to snippets here: https://soundcloud.com/avaavaava/avalp005-hyper-snippet

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